Ad content optimization

The success of every online campaign starts with your ad quality. Ad optimization is key to lower CPC prices, achieving higher click-through rates (CTR) and conversions, and produce a greater ROI. We know how to create compelling and engaging ads, which will resonate strongly with your audience.

Traffic acquisition

Today’s digital world market is vast and unparalleled to anything in its scale. In order to fare well in this huge ocean of dangers and opportunities, every company needs skilled and experienced counselors with strong experience and established connections, in order to ensure the best route for their budgets.

Funnel optimization

Quality advertisement alone is not always enough to bring you the results that you are aiming at. The path, on which you set your digital customers, needs to be polished to perfection on every step. Every color impacts with their mind and every word counts when they get to the point of sale.

PPC advertisement

We acknowledge the fact that every company has different goals, therefore we offer a flexible variety of promotion on different platforms, in order to achieve broad exposure. Optimization of different monetization models is our specialty. PickClick creates in-depth bidding strategies for all platforms.

Behavioural targeting

We can offer skillful assistance in this task, since we know how essential it is to launching a successful campaign to the right users and that you target every element of your digital presence professionally. PickClick knows the individual’s web-browsing behaviour and selects the best ads to display.